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Shoe Dogs

Footwear News
November 26 2018


Photography: Shaina Fishman

I concepted, produced and art directed this shoot. I also designed the cover and the accompanying feature in the magazine.

"Stealing them, hoarding them, chewing on them. Why do dogs love shoes so much? For the November 26 issue cover shoot, FN rounded up eight of the cutest — and best-behaved — dogs in New York to see if they could be caught in action while on camera. While none of the dogs would give in to stealing or chewing shoes (at least not publicly), some happily posed wearing our edit of the best comfort mules and plush slippers. Using many, MANY treats and working with noted pet photographer Shaina Fishman, FN’s latest fashion shoot takes the idea of the “shoe dog” quite literally. If only human pairs came in quadruples for our four-legged friends."



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