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Craig Williams, James Whitner, Aleali May and Aerial Powers

Footwear News
February 2022


Photography: Scrill Davis

Style direction: Shannon Adducci 

I concepted, produced and art directed this NYC shoot remotely from Ireland. I also designed the cover and the accompanying feature in the magazine.


"Michael Jordan is synonymous with excellence, and nearly two decades after his career on the basketball court ended, his namesake Nike-backed label continues to thrive. However, the look and feel of Jordan Brand — built off basketball and its highly influential culture — has evolved. Today, its longstanding purpose is at the forefront, with an acute focus on the celebration of Black culture and improving conditions for the Black community. In an FN exclusive, Jordan Brand president Craig Williams spoke with FN senior editor @peterverry alongside retail mogul James Whitner (@james.whitner), design phenom Aleali May (@alealimay) and WNBA champion Aerial Powers (@aerial_powers23) about the purpose-driven principles behind the influential Jordan Brand."

020722-FN-JORDAN FEATURE-FWN Jordan2045
020722-FN-JORDAN FEATURE-FWN Jordan2162
020722-FN-JORDAN FEATURE-FWN Jordan2219
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